Carrot Oil

Carrot Oil is one of many popular carrier oils used in massage, aromatherapy, and other body-work treatments.

Carrot oil (from Daucus carota L. and similar species) is extracted by maceration. This process involves chopping the root of the carrot plant into small pieces which are then left to steep in a vegetable oil (such as organic sunflower oil, for example) for approx. 3 weeks, with some agitation such as stirring during this extended time period. The liquid is then filtered, resulting in the clear orange coloured liquid known as carrot oil.

There are many advantages to the use of carrot oil for external therapeutic purposes e.g. as a massage medium. It is claimed to be a beneficial skin tonic, to facilitate healing processes (by aiding the formation of scar tissue, to sooth itching skin, and to be helpful in cases of psoriasis and eczema. Carrot root oil is used in some sun-screen formulae because it is a source of beta-carotene and vitamin A.


See also the general page about carrier oils for massage and bodywork therapies and information about massage and aromatherapy.

Note: There are many different carrier oils used for massage and other bodywork therapies. This section includes many popular oils but it is not a complete list.

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