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Cholera is a water-borne infectious disease that can also be transmitted via infected food. The main symptoms of cholera are watery diarrhea and vomiting, which can lead to rapid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, and death in some cases.

Health system problems aggravate cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe

The major cause of the cholera outbreak is the inadequate supply of clean drinking water and poor levels of hygiene. Shortages of medicines, equipment and staff at health facilities throughout the ...

10 Dec '08 | Cholera | Zimbabwe

UNICEF intensifies emergency response in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean children, already bearing the brunt of a shattered economy, severe food shortages, HIV/AIDS and failing social services, as well as suffering the acute effects of a lack of food, water a...

02 Dec '08 | Cholera | Zimbabwe

Logistic effort to supply medicines to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

A massive logistic operation is in progress to supply of life-saving medicines to hundreds of thousands in the DRC. As part of that effort 22 tonnes of medical supplies, including anti-diarrhoeal d...

14 Nov '08 | International Aid | DRC

WHO and health partners lead massive cholera response in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

60 tonnes of medicines arrived by plane into Kampala, the capital of neighbouring Uganda. Much of that is due to leave by road for Goma. The consignment includes Oral Rehydration Salts as well as ...

13 Nov '08 | Cholera | DRC

First emergency supplies airlifted into Goma, DR Congo

The first four planes carrying supplies to curb cholera and respiratory infections have arrived in Goma, sent from Dubai by the UK Department for International Development. Six more planeloads of s...

11 Nov '08 | Humanitarian | DRC

Up to 100,000 displaced in North Kivu, DRC in the last week

Up to 100,000 people, around 60% of which are children, have fled their homes due to heavy fighting between belligerent armed groups in North Kivu last week.

03 Nov '08 | DRC

UNICEF delivers aid to displaced children in DR Congo

UNICEF is re-starting its humanitarian operation today and will be delivering high protein biscuits to displaced children and medical kits to people who have been newly displaced. There is concern ...

31 Oct '08 | Humanitarian | DRC

UNICEF assists 50,000 displaced people in eastern DRC

Heavy fighting in North Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has intensified causing massive displacement of tens of thousands of people towards Goma, the provincial capital.

30 Oct '08 | Violent Conflict | DRC

African ministers to defend health from environmental harm

At the end of historic four-day talks in Gabon, ministers of state from African countries have signed and adopted the Libreville Declaration which commits their governments to take measures to stim...

29 Aug '08 | Environmental Health | Africa

Floods in West Africa raise major health risks

The destruction of agricultural lands and loss of crops aggravates the food security crisis in the region. Several West African countries are among the 21 worldwide identified by WHO as being most ...

19 Aug '08 | Floods | Africa

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