Date Published: 31 October 2008

UNICEF delivers aid to displaced children in DR Congo

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In a statement issued this morning UNICEF Spokesperson, Shima Islam, said:

"UNICEF with help from its partners on the ground is delivering much needed life saving aid to children and their families displaced by recent fighting in Eastern Congo.

After a brief suspension, UNICEF is re-starting its humanitarian operation today and will be delivering high protein biscuits to displaced children and medical kits to people who have been newly displaced. Water purification equipment from Rwanda will be used to provide people with much needed safe, clean drinking water.

UNICEF is concerned about possible outbreaks of disease, such as cholera and measles as well as children who may have been separated from their parents. These children may be more vulnerable to abuse, exploitation and violence."

UNICEF is currently appealing for £3 million to the meet the needs of people who have been newly displaced and host families in Eastern Congo.

DR Congo

Source: UNICEF Press Release

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