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Benefits of dementia friendly swimming opportunities

Research into the ways in which regular swimming can affect the lives of people with dementia and the experience of their carers has identified many different benefits of swimming sessions. The st...

30 May '18 | Dementia | Nottingham, UK

Scientists to develop wearable technology incl. smart trousers

Bionic hands that transmit sensory data to the brain, smart socks that help you pick your feet up, smart trousers that support the wearer and assist with standing or even climbing stairs ... UK sci...

23 Feb '15 | Wearable Tech | Leeds

Young people with epilepsy at greater risk of injury than others

Young people who have epilepsy are more likely to suffer broken bones, burns and poisonings compared with people who do not have epilepsy - according to recent research conducted at Nottingham Univ...

14 Apr '14 | Epilepsy | England

Schizophrenia symptoms linked with disconnect within the brain

Psychotic symptoms associated with schizophrenia could be due to a disconnect between the insula and the lateral frontal cortex in the brain - according to university research. Discovery might lead...

22 Aug '13 | Schizophrenia

Cavalry horses help research into equine lameness

Lameness is a common problem in horses but is often unreported. Therefore statistics about lameness in horses in the UK usually relates only to performance horses, such as racehorses, or to referra...

25 Jul '13 | Equine Lameness

Dua's Layer of Human Cornea (of the eye)

A previously undiscovered layer of the human cornea (part of the eye) has been reported. The additional layer, called the Dua layer - or Dua's layer, is located at the back of the cornea between th...

11 Jun '13 | Ophthalmology

Can sleeping pills can increase the risk of pneumonia ?

Recent research suggests that patients taking benzodiazepines may be at an increased risk of contracting and dying from pneumonia. Benzodiazepines are a class of commonly prescribed sleeping pills ...

07 Dec '12 | Prescription Drugs

Personal exercise regimes to treat depression in young people

A new study to test the effectiveness of personally tailored exercise regimes for young people with depression has been launched in Nottingham, England. The HEALTH project (Help Enable Active Lifes...

17 Apr '12 | Depression | UK

Abnormal copies of chromosomes in the cells of ependymoma tumours

Recent medical research considering abnormal copies of chromosomes in the cells of ependymoma tumours may lead to a new diagnostic test to allow specialists to identify children at the highest risk...

29 Mar '12

Bowel cancer screening in England cuts bowel cancer deaths

The Bowel Cancer Screening Programme in England is on course to cut bowel cancer deaths by 16% according to a University of Nottingham-led study of the first 1 million test results. The data also s...

09 Dec '11

Water softeners not found to improve childhood eczema

Anecdotal reports from patients have suggested that hard water may worsen atopic eczema. Population surveys have also suggested a possible link between atopic eczema prevalence and the degree of wa...

16 Feb '11 | Eczema | UK

Acute respiratory infection warning for bus and tram users

The relationship between public transport use and acquisition of acute respiratory infection is not well understood but potentially important during epidemics and pandemics. The research, funded b...

17 Jan '11

THT and regional partners aim to roll out Play Zone nationally

After a successful pilot in London and Brighton, Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is working with a range of regional HIV and sexual health organisations to launch Play Zone across England and Wales. P...

14 Apr '09 | UK-wide

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