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The articles listed below include news from, about or mentioning the cathedral city of Exeter (Devon) in the south-west of England.

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Psychological benefits of different types of natural environments

Researchers in England have found that the mental health benefits of time spent in coastal and rural areas exceeded the benefits of similar time spent in urban green spaces, such as city gardens an...

02 Nov '17 | Mental Health | England

Mapping gannet fishing grounds

Colonies of northern gannets based at locations around the British Isles maintain vast exclusive fishing ranges despite doing nothing to defend their territory from rival colonies. The UK supports ...

06 Jun '13 | Gannets | British Isles

Causes of snacking (leading to high BMI)

The nucleus accumbens region of the brain is associated with motivation and reward and has been found to play a significant role in a person's drive to eat between meals, so-called snacking being a...

23 Jul '12 | Overeating | Bristol

Terrence Higgins Trust and Oxford University team up for World AIDS Day debate

The Terrence Higgins Trust and the Stop Aids Society at Oxford University are holding a World AIDS Day debate at Exeter College. The debate, focused on HIV related stigma and discrimination, is ope...

24 Nov '08 | HIV / AIDS | Oxford

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