Psoas Major

Diagram of posterior muscles.

The psoas major is a long deep muscle that originates in the lumbar (lower-back) part of the body, passes anterior to (in front of) the ilium bone and is inserted into the top of the femur ('thigh bone').

When mentioned in older textbooks* the psoas major is sometimes called the 'psoas magnus'.

Origin, Insertion and Actions of the Psoas Major muscles:

Points of Origin:
  • Transverse processes of all the lumbar vertebrae, L1-L5
  • Vertebral bodies of T12 (the 12th thoracic vertebra) and all the lumbar vertebrae, L1- L5
  • Intervertebral discs between all of the vertebrae in the section T12-L5
Point of Insertion:
  • Lesser trochanter, which is also called the 'small trochanter', towards the top of the femur (thigh) bone.
  • Flexes (bends) the hip
  • Helps to stabilize the lower back, esp. in co-operation with the quadratus lumborum - a deep muscle of thelower-back .

The psoas major muscle is labelled on the diagram of human anterior muscles.

The psoas major is sometimes described together with the psoas minor muscle, although the latter is not present in everyone and is omitted from some textbooks.

* Such as Gray's Anatomy, first published in 1901.

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