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Diagram of the key muscles of human facial expression with interactive image for learning or revising them.

The following image is an anterior view of some of the muscles and tissues of the head and includes some of those on the syllabus of typical Indian head massage courses.

Click on the pink questions for immediate answers (you may need to move your mouse after clicking).








The following muscles/tissues are labelled in the diagram above. Click on the terms in pink below to view their entries in the IvyRose glossary section. These pages about the individual facial muscles include more detail about their points of origin and insertion, and also their actions.

Epicranial Aponeurosis (also known as Galea aponeurotica); Frontalis; Temporalis; Orbicularis oculi; Zygomaticus Major; Zygomaticus Minor; Platysma; Thyroid Cartilage ('Adam's Apple'); Corrugator; Levator palpebrae superioris; Nasalis; Levator labii superioris; Masseter; Levator anguli oris; Buccinator; Obicularis oris; Depressor labii inferioris; Depressor anguli oris; Sternocleidomastoid; Mentalis; Scalenes; Trapezius; Omohyoid; Sternohyoid.

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