Indian Head Massage

An Indian head massage treatment is a massage of the upper-back, arms, neck, head and face which is carried out on a fully-clothed client, usually sitting in an upright chair (as opposed to lying on a therapy / treatment couch).

History of Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage was brought to the United Kingdom by Mr. Maeda, an Indian citizen who, while travelling in London, was disappointed to find that when he visited a British barber to have his hair cut, all he got was a hair-cut. He was disappointed because in his home in India he was used to receiving a head-massage as part of the standard service provided by barbers. In the culture he was used to women also received regular head massages, although from female relatives rather than their hairdressers.

Mr. Maeda returned to the UK (and has since returned on subsequent occasions), and taught the techniques that have now become known as "Indian Head Massage". This treatment became so popular that approved training courses have been developed by several major beauty/therapy examining boards and therapist insurers have included Indian head massage as a treatment category.

Consequently, Indian head massage treatments have become increasing popular and widely available. They are available from many hairdressers, barbers, therapists, beauticians, in public places, leisure centres, exhibitions/conferences, and even in many offices and work-places in the UK and other countries.

What does an Indian Head Massage Treatment involve?

Although treatments vary because each therapist tends to develop his or her own Indian Head Massage routine, some or all of the following are usually included:

  • Massage of the upper-back (including across the shoulder blades)
  • Release of tension across the top of the shoulders
  • Massage of the arms
  • Gentle massage and tension release from the neck
  • Intensive massage of the head and scalp - which is likely to disturb all but the shortest hairstyles
  • Gentle massage of the face using pressure-point techniques

Indian Head massage treatments are given to fully-clothed clients and so may take place in open areas such as offices, shopping centres, conference centres, and similar.

Further Information about Indian Head Massage

Introductory courses in Indian head massage are available from some local colleges. For a personal introduction to this subject and to meet like-minded people who have similar interests find out what is available in your area.

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