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Kale is in season in February

Eating fresh foods in season is a wholesome aspiration that can seem easier to achieve during the summer and autumn months. When fruit trees are bare and frost threatens tender plants, kale is an option to harvest even in February, to eat fresh in various home-cooked dishes.

AMA (USA) offers 6 tips for better heart health

February is American Heart Month which is supported and promoted by national organizations including the AMA and NIH. These 6 tips for heart health are from the American Medical Association (AMA).

01 Feb | Heart Health | USA

Free to access online data about latest clinical research on novel coronavirus 2019-nCoV

In response to increasing concern about the human respiratory illness novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the international publishing company Elsevier has launched a free-to-access online Information Center about it with information in both English and Mandarin.

29 Jan | Coronavirus 2019-nCoV | China

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Featured product of the day:

The Secret Language of Relationships #Ad

by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers

This divides the usual 12 astrology sun-sign into subtypes some of which refer to the characteristics of those born on the cusps between signs and others to time-periods within each of the sun-signs. This is to enable more specific descriptions of personalities and predicted challenges and harmonies between combinations.

This week features books about astrology.

Nature Notes for this time of year

Clean fresh air straight from the ocean can be energising at any time of year.

Natural coastlines vary. In some places there are sections of rocks extending out to sea, elsewhere soft golden sand, light powdery sand, mud flats that shift with each tide, or huge banks of smooth stones turned by the waves.

Massage manipulation techniques

Notes about techniques with links to more on each

If it's your birthday today ...

... you were probably* born under the sign of Pisces, often referred to and depicted as the fish or represented symbolically.

Crystals and gemstones associated with this sign include blue lace agate, fluorite, and turquoise.

Pisceans are said to be unafraid of bending so-called unbreakable rules if a situation when a more humane approach is needed. Many appreciate private time for regular retreat and relaxation.

Angel Thought for 22nd February:

Bookmark your favourite Angel webpages and return to them whenever you need an emotional lift. Angels will be there waiting for you.

An 'Angel Thought' appears here every day.

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There are many names of archangels, some being due to spelling variations.

Today's Study Tip:

What's fun and interesting about this topic ? Consider then explain enthusiastically.

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Garlic and Artichoke adopted through ABC's Adopt-an-Herb Program - 14 Jun '19

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Wire-bristle grill brush danger for summer BBQs - 3 Jul '18

Heat-related health concerns for older adults increase during the summer - 28 Jun '18

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