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Frog warning coloration is also camouflage

The bright yellow colours on poison dart frogs also have a camouflage function according to a recent study involving fieldwork in the jungles of Guiana followed by laboratory visual search experiments and computer modelling in Bristol, England.

05 Jun | Animal News | Guiana

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Healing with the Angels

by Doreen Virtue

Widely described as beautiful as well as healing, this is among Dr Virtue's best-loved works. Its open upbeat style affirms that spirituality is not constrained within formal religion but is available to all.

This week features books about Angels.

Angel Thought for 18th June:

Go in joy, appreciating the good in all creation.

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There are many names of archangels, some being due to spelling variations.

Learn about Geranium Oil

one of the essential oils used in aromatherapy

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When a question or topic seems complicated, it may only be because you're lacking (or failing to notice) a single small detail that will cause everything else to fall easily into place.

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If it's your birthday today ...

... you were probably* born under the sign of Gemini, often referred to and depicted as the pair of twins, or represented symbolically.

Crystals and gemstones associated with this sign include blue celestine, citrine and watermelon tourmaline.

Geminis can be insightful in their understandings of others' thoughts and perspectives and are often said to be talkative, quick witted, enthusiastic and curious about everything.

What is a Vegetarian Diet ?

Vegetarians do not eat meat products. There are, however, different types of vegetarians, including:

  • Ovolactovegetarian, also known as lacto-ovo-vegetarian and simply vegetarian, no animals or birds incl. fish, seafood and insects
  • Lactovegetarian, no eggs
  • Vegan, no animal derived ingredients at all incl. no eggs, milk products or honey

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