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Originally an educational resource for therapists and students of nursing and health-related disciplines, IvyRose Holistic has expanded considerably since its launch in 2003. We now include a wide range of health and well-being related material including 100s pages of educational/teaching content about subjects taught as part of introductory-level biology, human biology and chemistry. Where necessary we have included pages explaining related aspects of physics and maths, e.g. of visual optics / how the eye works. These sections were initially included to support trainee therapists many of whom have been out of full-time school or college for many years and/or have not studied all of the relevant science subjects at school. We received great feedback about our free-to-access study sections and expanded them in response to this and to increasing use by visitors from most of the countries in the world.

Although IvyRose Holistic has expanded some things have not changed much.
Some sections, e.g. holistic glossary, health articles and medical news are of general interest.
The site currently includes over 8,000 pages in English (pages in Dutch are at


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