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Packaged food healthiest in the UK, USA, Australia and Canada

Packaged food sold in UK rated healthiest in a study undertaken by authors from 6 countries who compared the healthiness of packaged foods and beverages from 12 countries using data collected during 2013-18.

22 Aug | Nutrition | International

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Hand Reflexology #Ad

by Michael Keet and‎ Louise Keet

Reflexology is generally associated with manipulations of the feet. Hand reflexology might appeal to those who prefer a more discreet treatment or would like to treat themselves and find it easier to stimulate points on their hands than their feet.

This week features books about reflexology.

Angel Thought for 12th December:

Angels love to assist in the selection of angel gifts or other special items for your loved ones.

An 'Angel Thought' appears here every day.

See also the pages about Angels and Archangels.
There are many names of archangels, some being due to spelling variations.

Read about Holly

one of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies

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If it's your birthday today ...

... you were probably* born under the sign of Sagittarius, often referred to and depicted as the archer or represented symbolically.

Crystals and gemstones associated with this sign include sodalite, topaz and turquoise.

Sagittarians have been described as enthusiaastic, optimistic, extrovert and open to change and progress. Many travel far, perhaps in the context of employment or in search of new experiences.

Example of a Vegetarian Diet Plan

A vegetarian diet plan meets two criteria: It is (1) a meal plan, and it is (2) vegetarian.

A meal plan can be as simple as a list of foods to be eaten at each stage of the day, e.g. for breakfast, lunch and evening meal, usually over a series of days but from as little as a single day to a plan for several weeks or months.

A vegetarian meal plan (or diet plan) includes only vegetarian foods. Use the link below for a detailed example for a full day.

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