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Patients insufficiently informed about electronic patient records (BMA)

UK NHS Patients don't have enough information about electronic patient records and it is too difficult for them to opt-out if they choose to, according to the BMA.

01 Mar '10 | Patient Medical Records | UK

Government targets interfere with the battle against superbugs, claims BMA

According to a recent BMA report, the battle against healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), also called superbugs, will not be won unless long-term strategies are introduced to radically reduce ...

10 Jun '09 | Healthcare Associated Infections | UK

WHO, IAEA join forces to fight cancer in developing countries

WHO and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have announced the launch of a Joint Programme on Cancer Control, for the purpose of strengthening and accelerating the fight against cancer in...

26 May '09 | Cancer | International

AMA Supports Obama's Principles for Health Care Reform

The American Medical Association has sent a letter to President Obama offering physicians’ support for the administration’s eight principles for health care reform and outlining the association’s f...

15 Apr '09 | USA

HFEA statement on the risk of birth defects associated with assisted reproductive technology

Recent publicity regarding the risks associated with assisted reproductive technology (ART) has prompted patients to contact either the HFEA or their clinic. According to the HFEA the risk of birth...

24 Mar '09 | Birth Defects | UK

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