Date Published: 15 April 2009

AMA Supports Obama's Principles for Health Care Reform

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This week, the American Medical Association sent a letter (PDF) to President Barack Obama offering physicians' support for the administration's eight principles for health care reform and outlining the association's framework for action.

?The ongoing emphasis on health care from the White House signals that the administration is seizing this historic opportunity to improve the system,”said AMA President Nancy Nielsen, MD. ?The American Medical Association is committed to health care reform that improves access to high-quality, affordable health care for all patients. Expanding access to care for all Americans will ensure that people can get the preventive care they need, which will keep them healthy and keep the nation's long-term health care costs down.?

In the letter, the AMA highlighted the importance of building on the current employer-based system to promote individual choice and ownership of health insurance, the impact that liability pressure has on health care costs, and the need to remove antitrust barriers to quality improvement efforts. The AMA also voiced its support for health information technology, for efforts to improve the value the nation gets from its health care spending, and for greater care coordination.

The administration's eight principles are: (1) protecting families' financial health, (2) making health coverage affordable, (3) aiming for universality, (4) providing portable coverage, (5) guaranteeing choice, (6) investing in prevention and wellness, (7) improving patient safety and quality, and (8) maintaining long-term fiscal sustainability.

?We look forward to continuing our work with the administration and Congress to develop health care reform policies within the President's eight principles,”said Dr. Nielsen.


Source: American Medical Association (AMA).

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