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Schizophrenia Ireland's handbook: Discover the Road Ahead

Discover the Road Ahead: Support and Guidance for Everyone Affected by Schizophrenia is an initiative of Schizophrenia Ireland. It is designed to offer support to anyone who has been affected by sc...

29 Mar '06 | Schizophrenia | Ireland

New reports link mental ill-health to modern diets

Recent figures suggest that mental ill-health costs the UK almost 100 billion GBP per year. Changes to the human diet in the last fifty years or so could be an important factor associated with the ...

16 Jan '06 | Nutrition & Wellbeing | UK

UK & Norwegian studies of Childrens' Health & Medical Conditions

A pioneering study into children's health at Bristol University (UK) is to join forces with a similar project in Norway to share data and help scientists discover the causes of a range of medical c...

27 Oct '05 | Children's Health | UK & Norway

Cannabis smoke is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco smoke

Cannabis smoke is less carcinogenic than tobacco smoke according to a review article published in the Harm Reduction Journal. Dr Melamede from the University of Colorado, USA, writes that although ...

19 Oct '05 | Smoking | USA

Mental Health Research Network launched

04 Oct '05 | Mental Health Research | Bristol, England

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