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Oxford Uni Study links economic insecurity with obesity

Oxford researchers compared 11 affluent countries and found that those with a liberal market regime (strong market incentives and relatively weak welfare states) experienced one-third more obesity ...

07 Jan '11

Quantity & Locations of Takeaways correlated with childhood obesity

More evidence of the link between childhood obesity and junk food has been uncovered by researchers at the University of Leeds, England. The study by Dr Lorna Fraser and Dr Kimberley Edwards shows...

20 Sep '10

Active play is important for children's physical activity

Many young people do not meet current UK physical activity guidelines. Preventing the decline in physical activity that occurs as children enter adolescence may reduce future risk of cardiovascular...

21 Jul '10 | Child Development | UK

Parents' physical inactivity influences children

Among children and adolescents, physical activity has been associated with a lower BMI and a reduced risk of heart disease. Regular physical activity is also known to help to prevent the developmen...

25 May '10 | Child Health | England, UK

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