Date Published: 19 March 2010

University of Hull's Obesity and Nutrition Centre was officially launched

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The University of Hull’s Obesity and Nutrition Centre was officially launched to stakeholders and potential industry partners today.

The Humberside Obesity, Nutrition, Education and Innovation (HONEI) Centre is the brainchild of Steve Atkin, Professor of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University. It is the first centre in the UK that examines food and its relationship to disease, particularly obesity.

The centre’s focus in exploring the relationship between food and disease will engage the interdisciplinary healthcare expertise and link this knowledge to the needs of industry. In addition it is hoped that new spin out companies will grow from the collaborative network.

It is relevant for such a centre to be housed in Hull because obesity and cardiovascular disease in the city like other major cities are high. The recruitment of patients for clinical trials in this sector is often difficult; however the residents of Hull have always supported health research well.

Professor Atkin’s current research projects include studies on soy, funded by the Food Standards Agency. Soy has the potential to be incorporated into functional foods.

Tim Smith, CEO of the Food Standards Agency gave a presentation to stakeholders at the launch. He spoke about the importance of HONEI’s work in relation to the government programme to tackle obesity.

Professor Atkin said:

HONEI is already a real and successful project; it provides a unique opportunity for the University and the Hull York Medical School to liaise with industry for food studies at every level. By aligning world-class research and priority health care issues to commercial needs, the Centre will create regional wealth, enhance profile and, simultaneously address the local and national NHS health agenda.


Source: Hull University.

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