Diabetes in the News

In general, diabetes results from the body's inability to either produce sufficient insulin, or to respond properly to (the hormone) insulin, which normally regulates the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. There are several different types of diabetes. The articles listed below include news about or mention of diabetes. This is page 3 of 5.

Improving trends in 12-year survival after heart attack

Data from more than 4,000 West Australian heart attack patients reveals improving survival trends. Researchers studied outcomes for 12 years of 4,451 patients admitted to hospital during 1984-7, 19...

27 Jan '09 | Heart Health | Australia

Master of Acupuncture now on offer at Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University (Australia) is now offering a fully accredited Master of Acupuncture degree. The two-year course is open to professionals in the medical and allied health fields, such as ...

22 Jan '09 | Acupuncture | Australia

Some enjoy the peace of an Angel Altar, perhaps with crystals, flowers, beautiful images and reminders of the presence of Angels in your life.

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