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African ministers to defend health from environmental harm

At the end of historic four-day talks in Gabon, ministers of state from African countries have signed and adopted the Libreville Declaration which commits their governments to take measures to stim...

29 Aug '08 | Environmental Health | Africa

Europe-wide research to examine the causes of asthma

Asthma is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental effects, and despite being rare a hundred years ago, it has become increasingly common in developed societies across the world. Scient...

09 May '06 | Asthma | London, England

Asthma sufferers twice as likely to have other diseases

Older adults who have asthma are twice as likely to suffer from heart disease and other chronic health conditions such as diabetes, as well as being at an increased risk of developing cancer - acco...

16 Feb '06 | Asthma | Adelaide, Australia

Hayfever sufferers: Could you host a hookworm ?

Research into the possibility of a link between hookworms (human parasites) and a reduced risk of allergic conditions. Nottingham University (UK) is planning a trial in which some volunteers will b...

07 Feb '06 | Allergies | Nottingham (UK)

New UK guide will improve life chances for children with complex disabilities

The inequalities challenging disabled children will be addressed by a new guide by the UK Department of Health. It will help to ensure that children with complex disabilities receive better, more c...

30 Nov '05 | Disabled Children | UK

UK & Norwegian studies of Childrens' Health & Medical Conditions

A pioneering study into children's health at Bristol University (UK) is to join forces with a similar project in Norway to share data and help scientists discover the causes of a range of medical c...

27 Oct '05 | Children's Health | UK & Norway

Asthmatic cats might be allergic to humans, say vets

Instead of pets being blamed for causing allergies and breathing problems amongst people, human lifestyles are potentially triggering asthma attacks in cats. According to vets, cigarette smoke, dus...

Structural study will help develop new asthma and allergy treatments

Researchers have discovered the structure of a molecule that regulates levels of the key antibody involved in allergic reactions and asthma. IgE has been revealed by researchers in Oxford and Londo...

23 Sep '05 | Asthma | Oxford

UK Health: Moves towards better care of people with long-term health conditions care

According to the UK's Chief Nursing Officer, innovation and new skills will be at the centre of improvements to the UK National Health Service (NHS), especially concerning the treatment of millions...

18 Aug '05 | Long-term conditions | UK

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