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Canadian initiatives against Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

The Canadian government is supporting new projects to address and prevent Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in Canada. The Minister of Health, announced more than $1.8 million in funding over ...

26 Jul '19 | Pregnancy | Canada

Short simple mindfulness training could help drinkers reduce alcohol intake

A recent study has found that after an 11-minute training session and encouragement to continue practising mindfulness, heavy drinkers drank less over the next week than people who were taught rela...

24 Aug '17 | Mindfulness

Obesity and alcohol use in Australia

Increasing numbers of Australians are suffering from the adverse effects of weight gain, obesity and excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks. Leading public health experts blame such ill-health o...

05 Apr '16 | Obesity | Australia

40,000 treated for problem alcohol use in 5 years (Eire)

The Health Research Board (HRB) has released treatment figures for problem alcohol use in Ireland. The statistics indicate that more than 40,000 cases were treated in the 5 years between 2008 and 2...

01 Apr '14 | Alcohol | Ireland

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Research

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and observations of effects of drinking at least 4 alcoholic drinks per day during pregnancy: The term fetal alcohol syndrome is used to refer to a pattern of birth abnormali...

24 Jul '12 | Pregnancy | USA

Sportsmen and alcohol-related violence

Recent research has found high rates of alcohol-related aggression and antisocial behaviour involving young Australian sportsmen as compared with their non-sporting peers. Rates of intoxicated assa...

21 Dec '11 | Alcohol | Australia

Cancer Research UK concern about consumption of alcohol

Cancer Research UK-funded researchers have indicated that alcohol has a significant effect on cancers of the mouth, food-pipe, voice-box and pharynx. Specifically, they attributed 6,000 of these ca...

08 Apr '11

Cancer increases risk of developing listeria by 5x

Listeriosis is a rare but serious food-borne illness caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes. Some groups of people can be more seriously affected by this type of food poisoning than others....

15 Dec '10 | Cancer | UK

How do children learn about drinking alcohol ?

Alcohol and sensible drinking is best taught to children by their parents. Recent research from the University of Leeds indicates that children who learn about alcohol in the home from an early age...

02 Nov '10 | Alcohol | England

Scottish Alcohol study shows ethnic divide

Native Scots are more than twice as likely to die of alcohol-related causes as Scottish residents born south of the border, according to a recent study at Edinburgh University.

17 Sep '10

Young Black women at increased risk of self-harm

Young, Black women are significantly more likely to self-harm than people from other ethnic groups, according to new research. And people from Black and minority ethnic groups are less likely to re...

01 Sep '10

New insight into how alcohol affects brain function

Neuroscientists from the University of Southampton’s School of Biological Sciences investigated alcohol dependency and withdrawal using tiny 1mm long C. elegans worms. Despite the worm’s evolutiona...

06 May '10

BMA Scotland calls for an end to the ridiculous pricing of alcohol

A recent survey in Scotland has found that 52% of 13 year olds and 82% of 15 year olds have had at least one alcoholic drink and that shops and off-licences were the second most common source for p...

23 Jun '09 | Alcohol | Scotland

Government targets interfere with the battle against superbugs, claims BMA

According to a recent BMA report, the battle against healthcare associated infections (HCAIs), also called superbugs, will not be won unless long-term strategies are introduced to radically reduce ...

10 Jun '09 | Healthcare Associated Infections | UK

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