Thyroid Cartilage

Interactive diagram of the muscles of the head, face and neck

The thyroid cartilage is a collection of tissues located at the centre anterior neck.

Of the nine cartilages* of the larynx (3 single and 2 pairs), the thyroid cartilage is the largest.

It is located below the hyoid bone and above the trachea ('windpipe') and forms the bulk of the front wall of the larynx, protecting vocal folds (often called 'vocal cords') which are behind it.

The thyroid cartilage is an attachment for several muscles.

* The 9 cartilages of the larynx are the thyroid, the cricoid, the epiglottis, two arytenoid cartilages, two cornicula laryngis cartilages and two cuneiform cartilages.

See the page about Facial Muscles to view the location of the thyroid cartilage. (This page consists of an interactive, rather than just a labelled, diagram, so you'll have to test yourself by guessing where the thyroid cartilage is until you find the correct label.)

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