Superior border of scapula

The Human Scapula Bone

The superior border (of the scapula) is a structural feature on the scapula bone (also known as the shoulder blade or shoulder bone).

General context of the superior border of the scapula:

The scapula is a triangular bone.
Triangles have 3 angles and 3 sides.

The 3 angles of the scapula bone are located towards the upper, lower and lateral (= axillary) surfaces of the scapula. The 3 "sides" of the approximately triangular shape of the scapula bone are not straight (as per strict mathematical triangles) but are curved and are called "borders".

The 3 borders of the scapula are :

The superior border of the scapula is concave (see the diagrams of the posterior surface of the scapula, below and further-below-left) and extends from the superior angle of the scapula to the coracoid process. It is the shortest and thinnest of the three borders of the scapula.

Diagram of the superior border of the scapula bone attachment of omohyoid muscle Superior Angle of Scapula Medial Angle of Scapula Superior Angle of Scapula

At the lateral (axillary) extreme of the superior border of the scapula there is a deep semi-circular notch called the suprascapula notch, the lateral side of which is formed by the base of the coracoid process. This notch allows the suprascapular nerve to pass above / through the scapula bone protected by the surrounding bone structure. The lateral part of the superior border (adjacent to the suprascapula notch) is one surface of attachment of the omohyoid muscle, whose point of insertion is the tendons and fascia attached to the clavicle (bone) and first rib.

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