Medial angle of scapula

The Human Scapula Bone

The medial angle (of the scapula) is a structural feature on the scapula bone (also known as the shoulder blade or shoulder bone).

The medial angle of the scapula is also known as the superior angle of the scapula.

As can be seen from the photograph of the model of a scapula bone (part of a model of the human skeleton) on the right, the scapula bone is approximately trianglular. It is described as a 'flat, triangular bone' so one would expect it to have three 'angles'. They are:

These three "angles" of the scapula are apparent from the two diagrams below and on the diagram of the 3 angles of the scapula bone.

The medial angle of the scapula bone is located at the point on the upper surface of the scapula where the vertebral border, which is also called the "medial border" (of the scapula) meets the superior border (of the scapula). It is a thin, smooth, rounded angle that is slightly inclined laterally i.e. towards the sides right/left of the body rather than inwards towards the vertebral column.

The medial angle of the scapula forms the point of insertion of the levator scapula (muscle, pl. levator scapulae) whose functions, or 'actions' include a combination of raising the the scapula and / or rotating the head and / or tilting the head to the side.

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