Body of scapula

The Human Scapula Bone

The body of the scapula is a structural feature on the scapula bone (also known as the shoulder blade or shoulder bone).

The 'body' or main central area of the scapula bone has two surfaces:

  • The dorsal surface of the scapula is on the posterior side of the scapula bone which is the surface on the back-side of the skeleton.
  • The costal surface of the scapula is on the anterior side of the scapula which is the surface closest to the ribs when the bones are arranged as in a normal human skeleton.

The dorsal surface of the scapula is divided into two shallow depressions (called "fossae") by a triangular-shaped process called the spine of scapula. This divides the dorsal surface of the scapula into two parts - an upper part called the supraspinous fossa and a lower part called the infraspinous fossa.

The costal surface of the scapula is hollow from above downwards and from side to side. It is includes the subscapular fossa (which is a term that is sometimes used interchangeably with the "costal surface" of the scapula).

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