3 Angles of the Scapula Bone

The scapula bone, which is also known as the 'shoulder blade' or 'shoulder bone' is a large flat triangular bone located in the posterior part of the thorax.

As primary school children learn early in their education, all triangles have 3 (three) sides and 3 (three) angles. Given that the scapula is described as a triangular bone one might expect it to have three sides and three angles. This is true, although some of the sides and angles have multiple names and the edges of the scapula bone are usually called 'borders' rather than 'sides'.

In summary:

  • The scapula is a triangular bone.
  • Triangles have 3 sides and 3 angles.

The following diagram of the 3 angles of the scapula is a labelled diagram of the posterior surface of the left scapula bone.

Anterior angle of scapula Anterior angle of scapula Lateral angle of scapula Superior Angle of Scapula Medial Angle of Scapula Superior Angel of Scapula Inferior Angle of Scapula Diagram in heavy green lines (above) with labels of angles, IvyRose Ltd. 2011.

See also the diagram of the 3 borders of the scapula bone.

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