Gastric Ulcer

A Gastric Ulcer is an ulcer in the stomach.

of gastric ulcers may include:

  • The action of acid, pepsin, and bile on the lining of the stomach (mucosa). However, the output of stomach acid is not usually increased.
  • Taking NSAIDs (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs) or corticosteroids may be pre-disposing factors.
  • helicobacter pylori is often present.

Symptoms & Effects
of gastric ulcers may include:

  • Symptoms may include vomiting and pain in the upper abdomen soon after eating.
  • Complications may include bleeding, perforation and obstruction due to scarring.

Medical Tests and Treatments
for gastric ulcers may involve:

  • Examination using a gastroscope to confirm the diagnosis of a gastric ulcer, as opposed to other conditions such as stomach cancer (see also news about stomach cancer).
  • Use of antacids to relieve symptoms and/or
  • Anti-secretory drugs to heal the ulcer(s).
  • Surgery may be recommended if the ulcer fails to heal following initial treatment.

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