A cholangiocarcinoma is a malignant tumour of the bile ducts.

("Malignant" means that this type of tumour invades and destroys the tissue in which it forms and can spread to other tissues in different parts of the body, i.e. it is a cancerous tumour.)

Compare this with the (similar) term cholangioma.

Terminology re. tumours:

  • "malignant" => cancerous,
  • "benign" => non-cancerous.

Cholangiocarcinoma (plural) tend to occur at the junction of the two main bile ducts within the liver.

They may lead to obstructive jaundice, i.e. jaundice due to bile (which is synthesised in the liver) failing to reach the intestines

Cholangiocarcinoma may be classified as either intrahepatic

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