Duodenal Ulcer

Duodenal ulcers are ulcers located in the duodenum, which is the first part (section) of the small intestine.

Causes of duodenal ulcers may include:

  • Duodenal ulcers are caused by the action of acid and pepsin on the duodenal lining (mucosa).
  • Duodenal ulcers are usually associated with an increased output of stomach acid.
  • The antrum of the stomach (i.e. the lower part of the stomach - which leads to the duodenum) is almost always infected with helicobacter pylori.

Symptoms & Effects of duodenal ulcers may include:

  • Pain in the upper abdomen (especially when the stomach is empty).
  • Vomiting.
  • Complications may include bleeding, perforation, and obstruction due to scarring.

Medical Tests and Treatments for duodenal ulcers may involve use of drugs to relieve the symptoms.

Surgery for duodenal ulcers is much less common than in the past.

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