Date Published: 5 September 2011

Types of Massage

Carrier Oils for Massage

Different types of massage are available in different places. In general there are many styles and types of massage, some of which are associated with particular places, customs or traditions. The main reasons for investigating different types of massage are either

  • to choose which type of treatment to receive oneself or to give as a gift (e.g. in the form of a massage treatment voucher), or
  • to decide which, if any, type of massage to learn - perhaps to study for a qualification necessary to obtain insurance to practise massage for a living.

Some of the most well-known and frequently searched-for types of massage are listed on the left. In some cases the types of massage link to further information on other IvyRose pages.

*List of types of Massage:

*For types of people:

  • Massages for men
  • Massages for women
  • Massage in pregnancy
  • Baby Massage

Are you trying to choose a type of massage to try yourself ?

If you are researching types of massage because you're interesting in trying a treatment that's great !

Spend some time reading and obtaining information from different sources, including - of course, asking massage therapists (also known as massage practitioners). Although practitioners should be able to answer questions about the benefits of types of massage they offer there is much over-lap between the benefits of one style and another. It might be difficult for someone else to convey to you the sensations and overall experience of receiving certain types of treatment. Other people's words can only convey so much information about how anything feels. Ultimately, to really appreciate the experience of a certain type of treatment, the only way is to try it!

(Note that not all types of treatment are safe and suitable for everyone but qualified therapists should be experts in the treatments they offer and therefore able to ask the most appropriate questions and advise about concerns you may have or reasons why a particular massage treatment may or may not be adviseable. For example, some treatments are not appropriate during pregnancy.)

Are you considering studying massage and wondering where to start or what to learn next ?

If you are researching types of massage in order to choose which style of massage to learn or to study (for work, or just for fun) by all means consult all the usual sources of information such as the internet, books, colleagues/friends and especially any practising therapists willing to share their experiences. If you can ask therapists who offer several different types of massage themselves that is even better because their comparisons between the different treatments may be very interesting. Also request information from several schools or colleges in your area. Some colleges teach alternative therapies as full-time courses while others run evening courses, weekend workshops or a combination of learning opportunities to suit different people whose availability to attend classes may vary depending on other committments. In addition to your interest in learning different types of massage you might also take into consideration the cost and duration of the courses and how much money you might expect to earn when qualified, see e.g. massage therapist salaries.

List of some popular Types of Massage:

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