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What is Baby Massage ?

Unlike other forms of massage, baby massage is not usually performed as a treatment for a physical condition, e.g. as common in sports massage, or even an emotional condition, e.g. massage or aromatherapy for stress-reduction.

Whereas other forms of massage are often performed by qualified professional practitioners, baby massage is usually a quiet bonding activity between a parent or carer and baby or young child. Due to the size and requirements of the baby or child, a baby massage takes less time than a full body massage of an adult, and is usually just added before or after other every-day baby routines.

In some places baby massage tuition is offered to new Mums, or Mums and Dads, or baby's carers, to encourage this gentle beneficial activity.

If taught, the session or 'workshop' usually involves only a small group, or is one-to-one. There is little or no formality involving reading, study, or note-taking, just a short time of learning some nice easy stokes and a comfortable routine that both adult and baby will enjoy. There are of course a few other useful hints as well, such as setting-up a cosy space without dangers or distractions, and suggestions about the best time of day, or time

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