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What are Herbal Medicines ?

Herbaceous Plants lack a woody stem and die down at the end of the growing season, or forever if the plant is an annual. However, "Herbalism" cannot adequately be defined in terms of a specific botanical group of plants that is used for medicinal purposes.

"Herbal" treatments and supplements may involve the use of a wide range of other sources (e.g. lichens, fungi, roots, vegetables, etc) which are outside what may formally be defined as "herbs". Hence, herbalism is better considered more loosely, but probably more accurately, in terms of plants and other naturally occurring growing species that are useful to man.

Herbal remedies are increasingly available through conventional channels such as dispensing chemists (referred to as "pharmacies" or "drugstores" in the USA). This is part of a general trend of increasing interest in, and 'respectability' of, 'natural' approaches to health and wellness. Herbal remedies are increasingly considered to be ecologically friendly and a potential source of health care that may be free of at least some of the undesirable side-effects associated with chemically-constructed, i.e. synthetic, products.

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