Date Published: 27 November 2003

A few ideas to give your life and luck a boost

Here is a list of ideas and techniques used by many people to lift themselves out of a rut and onto better things.

As with many things in life, much depends on one's willingness to have a go and commitment where needed, so there can be no guarantees.

In alphabetical order:

  • Bach Flower Remedies - Bach Flower Remedies are a very gentle, simple, low-cost form of energy medicine that work on the emotions.
    No prescriptions or consultations are necessary so these remedies may even help those fighting a difficult emotional situation which they do not want to talk about to others right away. It is possible and inexpensive to select your own remedy and purchase it from most High-Street Chemists.
    For more information see the Bach Flower Remedies pages.
  • Feng-Shui - Many people have experienced their luck improve in various areas of their lives after implementing simple 'Feng Shui cures'. Although this is difficult to explain in terms of conventional science, what matters is the results. Feng Shui ornaments also make great gifts so why not show your friends how much you care?
  • Fitness - Improving ones fitness can be easier said than done, but well worth the effort. Experts agree that fitness is correlated with health and that increased fitness is usually associated with increased expectations of a long, energetic and healthy life.
    Need more persuading? When you feel good, you look good, you enjoy increased confidence and may therefore attract more positive opportunities to you and make more of them.
  • Increase your Income - Healthy personal finances can mean more choices in life.
    There are many ways to increase the amount of money you have available, such as optimizing use of credit facilities, finding the most cost-effective utility providers, earning a promotion, getting the new job you really want, or investigating opportunities for a business of your own.
  • Meditation - Meditation has been advocated by many great teachers through the ages and is popular today.
    As a means of quietening the mind this practice, in its many different forms, is widely believed to have positive consequences for physical health, emotional peace of mind, difficulty relaxing and/or sleeping, spiritual development and so on.
  • Therapies - Especially, but not only when feeling drained, low, disappointed etc., fight back by being good to yourself. There are many therapies available, some of which are especially suitable for relaxation and the reduction of stress/anxiety. Choose one that appeals to you then discuss you requirements with your chosen practitioner ... information about therapies

Different approaches suit different people. Maybe one of more of these ideas could work for you.

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