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Personal exercise regimes to treat depression in young people

A new study to test the effectiveness of personally tailored exercise regimes for young people with depression has been launched in Nottingham, England. The HEALTH project (Help Enable Active Lifes...

17 Apr '12 | Depression | UK

More mental health support for children and young people (UK)

UK government funding is being made available to centres that provide mental health support to children and young adults. According to Reading University, half of children and young people with lon...

01 Mar '12

Massage therapy for reducing pain, anxiety and depression

Many cancer patients receive complementary therapies such as massage to reduce the sensation or effects of symptoms such as pain, anxiety, or depression associated with the cancer. A recent academi...

25 Aug '11 | Massage | USA

Cognitive bias modification of interpretations (CBM-I) to help teenagers with Anxiety Symptoms.

Training teenagers to view social situations in a positive way could help those with anxiety symptoms and may help prevent problems continuing into adult life, according to recent research from Oxf...

13 Jul '11 | Mental Health | UK

Calls to review antipsychotic drug prescriptions for dementia patients

The Dementia Action Alliance, a consortium of over 50 health and social care organisations and charities including the Mental Health Foundation, has today published a letter calling for all prescri...

10 Jun '11

Mood swings of bipolar patients can be predicted

People who suffer from bipolar disorder are prone to extreme mood swings that take them from great emotional highs to the pits of depression. The cause of these mood swings is often attributed to t...

19 Apr '11

Schizophrenia linked to mutations in the gene for VIPR2

Genetic testing for duplications of the VIP receptor could enable early detection of a subtype of patients with schizophrenia, and the receptor could also potentially become a target for developmen...

23 Feb '11 | Schizophrenia | USA

Mental health issues and emotional challenges are forms of dis-ease. Sensitivity and understanding is helpful.

Many people find meditation helpful to still the mind and receive communication from Angels.

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