Labelled Diagram of the Eye

Labelled Diagram of the Eye

The retina is located at the back of the human eye.

It can be described as the surface or 'screen' onto which an image is formed by light that has passed into the eye via the cornea, aqueous humour, pupil, lens, vitreous humour then finally the hyaloid membrane before reaching the retina.

The function of the retina is not just to be the screen onto which an image may be formed (necessary but not sufficient), but also to collect the information contained in that image and transmit it to the brain in a suitable form for use by the body.

The retina is therefore a light-sensitive structure lining the interior of the eye. It contains photosensitive cells called rods and cones and their associated nerve fibres that convert the light they detect into nerve impulses that are then sent onto the brain along the optic nerve.

The retina has a complex structure that specialist texts describe in terms of ten layers labelled (from contact with the vitreous humour, outwards towards the back of the eyeball) as:

  1. Membrana limitans interna.
  2. Layer of nerve-fibers (stratum opticum).
  3. Ganglionic layer, consisting of nerve cells.
  4. Inner molecular, or plexiform, layer.
  5. Inner nuclear layer, or layer of inner granules.
  6. Outer molecular, or plexiform, layer.
  7. Outer nuclear layer, or layer of outer granules.
  8. Membrana limitans externa.
  9. Jacob's membrane (layer of rods and cones).
  10. Pigmentary layer (tapetum nigrum).

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