Labelled Diagram of the Eye

Labelled Diagram of the Eye

The conjunctiva is a thin delicate mucous membrane that covers the front of the eyes

The form of the conjunctiva varies according to its position. It can be described in several parts:

  • The palpebral part of the conjunctiva is that area of it which lines insides of the eyelids. This is relatively thick and highly vascular (i.e. it contains many blood vessels).
  • The folds formed where the conjunctiva folds from the inner eye lids onto the front part of the eye are called
    • the superior palpebral fold (in the case of the upper eye-lid), and
    • the inferior palpebral fold (in the case of the lower eye-lid).
  • Between these folds the conjunctiva folds the sclera (also known as the sclerotic) and the cornea.
    • In the area covering the sclera the conjunctiva is only loosly connected to the eyeball (also referred to as the "globe"), it loses the papillary structure (i.e. consisting of nipple-shaped protruberances) that it had over the insides of the eye-lids, is transparent and contains few blood vessels.
    • In the area covering the cornea the conjunctiva is thin, transparent, and consists only of an epithelial layer called conjunctival epithelium.

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