Geometrical Axis

Labelled Diagram of the Eye

Labelled Diagram of the Eye

The geometrical axis is one of the axes through the eye that has been defined and used as a construct for optical equipment designers and people who work with the physics, specifically the optics, of the eye - rather than with the biology and physiology of human vision.

The geometrical axis is not a physical feature of the eye and so cannot be identified by dissection or by any physical imaging techniques.

The precise definitions of the geometrical axis vary between textbooks so it is important to refer the definition given in documents using this concept. Its general location is indicated in the basic diagram of the eye.

Other axes through the human eye include the visual axis.

Where are the concepts of visual axes used?

The subject of visual (also known as "physiological") optics is part of many courses in the fields of both biology and physics. It is also important for the design of displays and control units used in many applications from mobile telephones to advanced aircraft. In the context of engineering 'visual optics' is one of several medical and psychological aspects of 'Human Factors'.

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