Vitreous Humour

Labelled Diagram of the Eye

Labelled Diagram of the Eye

The vitreous humour (which is also known as the vitreous body) is located in the the large area that occupies approx. 80% of each eye in the human body.

Note that this is spelt "vitreous humor" in textbooks that use American spellings - the meaning is the same.

The vitreous humour is a transparent thin-jelly-like substance that fills the chamber behind ('posterior to') the lens of the eye. It is an albuminous fluid enclosed in a delicate transparent membrane called the hyaloid membrane.

There is a channel called the canal of Stilling running through the centre of the vitreous humour from the entrance of the optic nerve to the posterior surface of the lens. This is filled with fluid and lined by a prolongation of the hyaloid membrane.

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