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Oxford, which is perhaps best known for its prestigious university, is also renowned for its beautiful architecture and long and interesting history.

The city dates from around 900 AD. The earliest known references to the university date from the 12th century. Significant events that occurred in Oxford include the burning at the stake of the Oxford Martyrs in 1555, the court of Charles I during the English Civil War (1642), the court of Charles II during the Great Plague of London (1665-66) and the first authenticated sub-four-minute-mile ran by Roger Bannister in 1954.

Places of interest in and around Oxford include parts of the university and colleges open to the public at certain times, especially during the summer months; museums; churches and church towers including Oxford Cathedral (at Christ Church College) and the University Church of St. Mary; Oxford Castle; Blenheim Palace and many outdoor attractions such as punting on the River Thames.

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