Date Published: 28 November 2003

Mediumship ... and the *Spirit World Channel*

Imagine trying to tune in to a particular channel on the radio - in this instance the spirit world channel. You have to find the right frequency - the one that the spirit world works from. The medium can do just that - tune in to the right frequency. So the medium becomes the communication link between this world and the spirit world.

There are various ways in which this communication can occur.

The most common forms are clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience.

The clairvoyant medium receives information from the spirit world in a visual form and images appear in his or her head. This is known as subjective clairvoyance and has been likened to having a television screen inside the head, showing images and symbols. Some clairvoyants

The clairaudient medium receives information psychically through the hearing part of the brain. Clairaudience can be internal - thoughts and ideas coming into the mind and external - when the clairaudient medium will actually hear voices.

The clairsentient medium feels and senses spirit around and senses information psychically.

Most mediums use a combination of senses when they connect with spirit. Whichever way information is channelled, it is given as guidance and support for those wishing to receive it.

There have always been a lot of contradictory views on the difference between psychics and mediums. Working purely psychically means making predictions and sensing past and present events by linking with the energy of a person or object. Therefore obtaining information intuitively. Working as a medium means connecting with the spirit world. Many mediums are also psychic and many psychics do connect with spirit. Both psychics and mediums may also use techniques to help them focus or tune in e.g. Tarot cards or a crystal ball.

It's all very confusing isn't it? Also just to add to the confusion - all humans are psychic.

Some people are just more tuned in to the vibrations of their surroundings. Some people listen to their 'gut' feelings and act on their instincts or hunches more than others. However the information is transmitted to us, it is given to guide and help you if you wish to receive it and we as mediums and psychics are encouraged to use our gifts for the highest good of everyone, irrespective of what religion or faith you have. Messages from the spirit world have given and will continue to give comfort; direction and hope to many people from all walks of life.

Article by Angela Wood,
Medium, Clairvoyant, Reiki Master/Teacher,
& Indian Head Massage Practitioner.

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