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Mushroom may boost cancer therapy drug

Researchers studied extracts of a type of mushroom called Phellinus linteus. They tested its effects on prostate cancer cells and found that when it was combined with doxorubicin, a well-known canc...

01 Aug '06 | Cancer

Believers, skeptics benefit equally From 12-Step Programs

Research suggests that addiction recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous help people to achieve their objectives if the person is skeptical of spirituality or suffers from mental illness. Th...

24 Jul '06 | Addiction

Gene Variant Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Researchers have confirmed that a gene variant confers susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in participants of the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), a large clinical trial in adults at increased risk...

20 Jul '06 | Diabetes | USA

Patients worldwide could suffer if US stem cell Bill is vetoed - according to the Royal Society

The United States Senate is due to vote on Bill HR 810 that would create the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act to expand federal funding for research on stem cells derived from human embryos left ...

19 Jul '06 | Stem Cells

Cancer research technology expands into America

CRT, a leading European specialist oncology development and commercialization company wholly owned by Cancer Research UK, has recently expanded its activities to work with academic institutions and...

11 Apr '06 | Cancer Research | USA

Harvard study leads to concerns about government warnings to limit consumption of fish

A comparison of the risks and benefits of fish consumption suggests that government advisories warning women of childbearing age about mercury exposure should be issued with caution. The study warn...

21 Oct '05 | Nutrition | USA

Scientists claim that nanowires can detect molecular signs of cancer

Researchers have found that molecular markers indicating the presence of cancer in the body are readily detected in blood scanned by special arrays of silicon nanowires. This even works when the ca...

02 Oct '05 | Cancer | USA

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