Date Published: 11 April 2006

Cancer research technology expands into America

Cancer Research Technology Ltd (CRT) has today, Tues 11 April 2006, announced the establishment of an American arm ? Cancer Research Technology Inc ? at the BIO2006 conference in Chicago. Dr Larry Steranka has been recruited to be the US subsidiary's first managing director.

CRT is Europe's leading specialist oncology development and commercialisation company, and is wholly owned by Cancer Research UK. CRT Inc will be based in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr Steranka will forge relationships with leading cancer researchers in American academic and not-for-profit institutions, as well as represent CRT in licensing discussions with US biopharmaceutical companies. Dr Steranka brings a wealth of experience in both the pharmaceutical industry and leading

CRT was set up to collaborate with Cancer Research UK-funded scientists, advancing their findings from exploratory research to industrial development, generating new cancer drugs and technologies. It is driven by patient benefit, focuses exclusively on cancer, and has a range of resources, including its specialised Development Laboratories in London, UK, designed to maximise the potential of academic-based cutting edge discoveries.

In recent years, CRT has expanded its activities to work with academic institutions and charities from around the world and the move into America follows numerous high-profile deals across Britain and Europe. With an annual revenue of about £25 million, CRT's primary objective remains patient benefit, and all profits go straight back to Cancer Research UK.

Dr Steranka said:

" CRT is at the forefront of cancer-specific technology transfer and can fill the fundamental gap between basic science and the more advanced stages in the development of new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Although American universities already have licensing and technology transfer offices, they are not focused on cancer and do not have the same depth of development resources that CRT has available.

_ Some of the world's best cancer research institutes and scientists are in America. I'm delighted to have this opportunity to work with them and to show them how CRT can help turn their scientific findings into effective cancer medicines."

Prior to joining CRT Inc as managing director, Dr Steranka was the executive director of Brandeis University's Office of Technology Licensing, and immediately before that, he was an associate director for licensing at Harvard University's Office of Technology and Trademark Licensing. Dr Steranka has also held senior positions within major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Dr Keith Blundy, chief operating officer of CRT and chairman of CRT Inc, said:

" Through CRT Inc, Dr Steranka will reinforce our strategy of oncology-focused development of diagnostics and therapeutics in partnership with leading American academic institutions. Dr Steranka's experience, both in industry and academic-based technology transfer, will benefit CRT's operations on both sides of the Atlantic."

Source: Cancer Research UK -

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