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Portland area nonprofit groups form social health network

Thrive Local, a comprehensive, far-reaching network creating connections between health care providers and social services agencies to address pressing social needs such as housing, food, safety, t...

16 Aug '19 | Social Care | Oregon, USA

Cranberry Harvest underway in USA

It's cranberry harvest time across parts of the northern USA and Canada. Eating raw cranberries is probably the most nutritious way to consume these healthful bright red berries. Dried cranberries,...

05 Oct '18 | Cranberries (fruit) | USA & Canada

NIH announces five Botanical Research Centers

Studies of the safety, effectiveness, and biological action of botanical products are major focuses for the five dietary supplement research centers selected to be jointly funded by the Office of D...

31 Aug '10 | Botanical Research | USA

Womens weight may affect effectiveness of birth control pills

Do birth control pills work differently depending on how much a woman weighs ? Oral contraceptives do not come in differing strengths according to a patient's weight, such as other medications. Sev...

03 Mar '06 | Contraception | Oregon, USA

Vitamin D + Taxotere extends lives of men with advanced prostate cancer

Men with advanced prostate cancer who take an experimental, high-dose vitamin D pill with chemotherapy live about eight months longer than those receiving chemotherapy and placebo, according to a n...

05 Nov '05 | Prostate Cancer | Oregon, USA

Dirty drugs in the fight against cancer

Research and drug development have shown that drugs with multiple targets - dirty drugs - may be better options for complex diseases like cancer, according to the editorial by Frantz, news editor f...

27 Oct '05 | Cancer Research | USA

Harvard study leads to concerns about government warnings to limit consumption of fish

A comparison of the risks and benefits of fish consumption suggests that government advisories warning women of childbearing age about mercury exposure should be issued with caution. The study warn...

21 Oct '05 | Nutrition | USA

Herpes simplex virus in the eye can trigger most common infectious cause of blindness

Researchers have found that the herpes virus does not require a round trip from the cornea into the nervous system and back to the cornea to cause the recurrent inflammatory disease known as herpes...

06 Oct '05 | Ophthalmology | USA

OHSU and NASA work together to improve childbirth safety

A new study called Using Military and Aviation Simulation Experience to Improve Rural Obstetric Care aims to reduce errors in emergency, high-risk births by bringing the benefits of NASA's simulat...

27 Sep '05 | Childbirth | Oregon, USA

Psychiatric Disorders Delay Cancer Diagnosis (US Research)

Patients with psychiatric disorders are diagnosed with esophageal cancer much later and at a more advanced stage than patients with no psychiatric diagnosis, according to a study conducted by resea...

10 Aug '05 | Cancer | USA

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