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Children, males and blacks are at increased risk for food allergies

A recent study has estimated that 2.5% of the United States population (that is about 7.6 million Americans), have food allergies. Food allergy rates were found to be higher for children, non-Hispa...

04 Oct '10 | Food Allergies | USA

NIH announces five Botanical Research Centers

Studies of the safety, effectiveness, and biological action of botanical products are major focuses for the five dietary supplement research centers selected to be jointly funded by the Office of D...

31 Aug '10 | Botanical Research | USA

Potential use of a processed form of cannabis to counter brain cell damage after strokes

Research suggests that some mechanisms in the brain targeted by cannabis could become drugs targets to counter brain cell damage after a stroke. This study, which has been published in the journal ...

11 Apr '07 | Stroke | New Zealand

Patients worldwide could suffer if US stem cell Bill is vetoed - according to the Royal Society

The United States Senate is due to vote on Bill HR 810 that would create the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act to expand federal funding for research on stem cells derived from human embryos left ...

19 Jul '06 | Stem Cells

Religion and Spirituality linked to heart-rate variability among cancer survivors

Faith and the use of prayer and religion to manage stress may provide health benefits for cancer survivors. The researchers considered coping strategies associated with healthy variation in heart r...

Cannabis smoke is less likely to cause cancer than tobacco smoke

Cannabis smoke is less carcinogenic than tobacco smoke according to a review article published in the Harm Reduction Journal. Dr Melamede from the University of Colorado, USA, writes that although ...

19 Oct '05 | Smoking | USA

The Archangel Gabriel is associated with Dancing, among other interests. Dance for joy at every opportunity - in mind, if not also in body.

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