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The news articles listed below include information from, about or mentioning Cornell. They include items concerning Cornell University (the American university located in Ithaca, New York) as well as other places of the same name, which might include, for example, the Cornells in Ontario (Canada) and California, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin (USA).

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New portable test for and vitamin A and iron deficiencies

A new device to enable health workers to detect deficiency of vitamin A and iron in just 15 minutes has been announced by scientists at Cornell Univ, USA. It is hoped that this will assist with hum...

06 Dec '17 | Malnutrition

Health Warnings - Focus on benefits or on harm ?

Should health advice be phrased positively or negatively for greatest impact? According to recent research in Nutrition Reviews, it depends who is receiving the message.

29 Jan '15 | Communication | USA

Children like colourful foods

Children like colourful foods. That is one conclusion from recent research at Cornell University (New York State, USA). While the results of this study may seem unsurprising, it is interesting to f...

05 Jan '12 | Nutrition | USA

Bee swarms mimic human brain neurons to make decisions

Swarms of bees and brain neurons make decisions using strikingly similar mechanisms according to a recent study carried-out at Cornell University and published in the Dec. 9 issue of Science.

09 Dec '11 | Animal News

Apolipoprotein E Genotype - a biomarker for mild cognitive impairment ?

Scientists in the USA have demonstrated an association between the e4 allele of the Apolipoprotein E genotype with Mild Cognitive Impairment, which is in turn associated with Alzheimer Disease. Det...

13 Jul '11 | Dementia | USA

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