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UCLA imaging study of children with autism identifies broken mirror neuron system

Imaging research at UCLA finds that children with autism have virtually no activity in a key part of the brain's mirror neuron system while imitating and observing emotions. Mirror neurons are norm...

08 Dec '05 | Autism | California, USA

Reflecting on personal values offers protection from effects of stress

Reflecting on meaningful values provides biological and psychological protection from the adverse effects of stress, according to UCLA psychologists writing in the November issue of the journal Psy...

05 Nov '05 | Mental Health | CA, USA

Benefits, Risks, and Potential Side Effects of Cancer Screening

The benefits, risks, and potential side effects of cancer screening. Prof Barratt talks to experts in cancer screening and suggests that some screen detected cancers are different from cancers that...

26 Aug '05 | cancer | Australia

Folates more effective in limiting Alzheimer's disease risk than antioxidants

Major observational study points to importance of healthy diet for long-term brain health. Adults who eat the daily recommended allowance of folates, which are B-vitamin nutrients (specifically vit...

Beach pollution and associated health-concerns greatest during new and full moon

Health News : Beach pollution worst during new and full moon. Coastal water quality is controlled by a number of complex physical and biological factors, including tidal cycles and seasonal rainfal...

03 Aug '05 | Beach Pollution | USA

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