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New guide explains UK prosecutions for HIV transmission

The recent guide entitled 'Prosecutions for HIV Transmission'explains UK law (England and Wales) concerning HIV transmission in a straightforward way, answers some common questions and provides pra...

22 May '09 | HIV | UK

THT and regional partners aim to roll out Play Zone nationally

After a successful pilot in London and Brighton, Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) is working with a range of regional HIV and sexual health organisations to launch Play Zone across England and Wales. P...

14 Apr '09 | UK-wide

Nursing students struggling in tough financial times

Almost three quarters of UK nursing students have had to get a second job just so they could afford to study and nearly half have considered leaving their course altogether, according to a report f...

26 Nov '08 | Nursing Training | UK

Quality of UK doctors' training threatened by European hours limits (BMA)

UK Junior doctors are concerned that their training will suffer when European limits on working time are applied next year, according to recent surveys by the British Medical Association (BMA). Fro...

10 Apr '08 | EU Regulation | Europe

More consultants needed to deliver quality patient care (UK)

Many more hospital consultants are needed across the UK to maintain and improve the quality of care in the NHS, according to the British Medical Association (BMA) in a recent report “Enhancing qu...

09 Apr '08 | NHS Staffing | UK

Screening programme could lead to healthy being seen at expense of sick (BMA)

The BMA has expressed concern that screening people who are well could make it increasingly difficult for sick patients to get an appointment to see a medical practitioner. Commenting on the UK gov...

01 Apr '08 | NHS Priorities | UK

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