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Possible genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease

Identification of possible genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's Disease has resulted from recent research conducted in the UK and USA. Scientists have confirmed one gene variant and have identified...

04 Apr '11 | Alzheimer's Disease

Oxford Uni Study links economic insecurity with obesity

Oxford researchers compared 11 affluent countries and found that those with a liberal market regime (strong market incentives and relatively weak welfare states) experienced one-third more obesity ...

07 Jan '11

The fear of cancer

08 Dec '10

UK Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS) announced

A new UK Food Hygiene scheme has been launched to help the general public make informed choices about where to buy food products. The scheme is open to

30 Nov '10 | Food Hygiene | UK

UK BMA concern about cuts to time senior doctors can spend on new services

According to the British Medical Association (BMA), innovation in the NHS is at risk of being stifled as hospitals cut the amount of time senior doctors can devote to new services.

02 Jun '10 | NHS | UK

BMA Consultants Chairman criticises lists of 'banned treatments'

The Chairman of the British Medical association (BMA)'s Consultants Committee has criticised lists of treatments "banned on the NHS", and said that cuts to services were being driven by "the quest ...

02 Jun '10 | UK

Communicative fathers help reduce teenage smoking

This study suggests that a greater awareness of parents’ and especially fathers’ potential impact upon their teenagers’ choices about whether to smoke is needed. Fathers should be encouraged and su...

15 Apr '10 | Smoking | UK

South Wales' first self-management course for those with long-term mental health issues

The Mental Health Foundation is holding South Wales’ first self-management training course for people with a long-term mental health diagnosis in the Canton area of Cardiff in Feb 2010. The course ...

03 Feb '10

Cuts to training budget could threaten patient care - BMA (UK)

The BMA's Junior Doctor Committee (JDC), has asked the UK Department of Health to halt their review of training funding because they say that it threatens to cut millions of pounds from junior doct...

14 Dec '09 | UK

Otago-UK research may bring 'radical overhaul' to family court system

How best to support children affected by conflicts within families is the subject of an innovative study. Researchers will examine the roles of both negative parenting and children's own interpreta...

29 Jun '09 | Child Welfare | UK & New Zealand

Telephone operators may call upon Archangel Gabriel, associated with communication (among other interests).

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