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COVID-19 Mental health and social impact study

Psychologists are studying the mental health and social impacts of the UK government's response to coronavirus. They hope that understanding its effects on the mental health and behaviour of UK res...

23 Mar '20 | Mental Health | UK

European Obesity Day 2017

European Obesity Day 2017 is an opportunity to raise awareness of the health issues associated with obesity and the challenges people face when trying to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

20 May '17 | Obesity | Europe

Medics plea to UK politicians: No More Games with A&E

The recent BMA plea to politicians uses the slogan: No More Games with A&E. Just weeks ahead of the UK general election on 7 May is perhaps one of the best opportunities to try to extract promises ...

25 Mar '15 | Emergency Medicine | UK

40,000 treated for problem alcohol use in 5 years (Eire)

The Health Research Board (HRB) has released treatment figures for problem alcohol use in Ireland. The statistics indicate that more than 40,000 cases were treated in the 5 years between 2008 and 2...

01 Apr '14 | Alcohol | Ireland

Belly fat could prevent cancer killing cells from doing their job

Recent research conducted in Ireland has revealed that carrying excess fat on the waistline could prevent cancer killing cells, a type of white blood cells called T-cells, from performing their fun...

05 Dec '13 | Cancer | Ireland

Mapping gannet fishing grounds

Colonies of northern gannets based at locations around the British Isles maintain vast exclusive fishing ranges despite doing nothing to defend their territory from rival colonies. The UK supports ...

06 Jun '13 | Gannets | British Isles

Opsins (light-sensitive proteins) may have evolved earlier than previously thought

Opsins (light-sensitive proteins key to vision), may have evolved earlier and undergone fewer genetic changes than previously thought. Researchers have developed a timeline with an opsin ancestor. ...

29 Oct '12 | Bristol

Automated system to kill bacteria in hospital water systems and taps

Scientists at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) have developed a fully automated system that eradicates bacterial contamination in hospital water tanks, distribution systems and taps. Hospital washb...

02 Mar '12 | Water | Ireland

Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign to mark Men's Health Awareness Week

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men in Ireland after skin cancer. Over the course of their lifetime, men having a one in eight chance of developing prostate cancer. According to...

10 Jun '11

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