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UK Medical personnel issue guidelines about patient resuscitation

The British Medical Association (BMA), the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Resuscitation Council (UK) are issuing new guidance about decisions concerning whether or not to attempt to resusci...

26 Oct '07 | CPR | UK

New top-up fee system worsens debt issues for medical students (UK)

The BMA's UK wide annual medical student finance survey shows the average final year medical student will graduate with debts of over £20,000. It also shows the level of debt among first year...

11 Oct '07 | Medical Education | UK

Terrence Higgins Trust pushes for home HIV test kits to be made available in UK

Terrence Higgins Trust is urging the UK Government to change the law to let people buy and use home test kits for HIV. This is just one of '25 Things' that THT is asking the Government to do in its...

12 Sep '07 | HIV | UK

A third of nurses working alone in the community have been assaulted or harassed in last two years

More than one third of UK nurses working alone have been assaulted or harassed in the last two years according to a survey released today by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). The survey of nearly...

09 Jul '07 | Nursing | UK

Medics should lead the way in promoting disability equality - BMA (UK)

While doctors have an important role to play in promoting disability equality, the BMA report emphasises that everyone in healthcare, from senior NHS managers through to reception and administrativ...

12 Jun '07 | Disability Equality | UK

Student nurses left unsupervised in charge of patients, warns RCN (UK)

Student nurses are being left in sole charge of patients during clinical placements, according to a survey by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN). More than 1,500 student nurses from across the UK w...

17 Apr '07 | Nursing | UK

Nurses' damning report spells out devastating effects of NHS financial crisis

More than 22,300 NHS posts have been lost in the last 18 months because of the financial crisis hitting the health service, according to a new report fromthe Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

15 Apr '07 | NHS financial crisis | UK

RCN warns of dark mood among UK nurses over proposed pay cut

More than ten thousand nurses have bombarded MPs with letters protesting at this year’s pay cut for nurses and other health care workers to date. It comes as the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) un...

30 Mar '07 | Nursing | UK

Struggle of black and minority ethnic and international nurses (UK)

A recent report from Employment Research Ltd commissioned by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) indicates that Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) and Internationally Recruited Nurses (IRN) are more li...

08 Mar '07 | Nursing | UK

New study shows epidural during birth might negatively affect breastfeeding

Epidurals given during labour and birth have been associated with decreased rates of breastfeeding according to a study of Australian women. The study found that women who had epidurals during chil...

12 Dec '06 | Childbirth | Sydney, Australia

High Court ruling on Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) List, UK

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has won a judicial review test case about the operation of the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) Scheme. This scheme was created by the Secretary of State fo...

16 Nov '06 | UK

Independent UK research proves link between nurse numbers and patient mortality

Patients staying in hospitals where there are fewer nurses on the wards are more likely to die or experience complications, according to a major new study launched at the Royal College of Nursing (...

24 Oct '06 | Nursing | UK

RCN petition highlights public feeling on worsening NHS deficits (UK)

One year after the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) first warned about the impact of NHS deficits, the number of NHS posts that may be lost is set to top 20,000.

09 Oct '06 | NHS | UK

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