The Bach Centre, England.
The Bach Centre, England.

Olive (Bach Flower Remedy) is one of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies.

Bach flower remedies are selected based on the emotions a person is experiencing at the particular point in time at which he or she uses the remedies.

Olive may be appropriate when some or all of the following characteristics apply:

  • fatigue as a result of much effort and energy expended
  • body and mind drained of energy and strength
  • complete exhaustion

The olive Bach flower remedy is categorized in the 'insufficient interest in present circumstances' group of remedies, which also includes clematis, honeysuckle, white chestnut, mustard, wild rose and chestnut bud. Unlike oak which is also used in cases of tiredness, olive is not thought of as a 'type' remedy because anyone can be tired but when olive is indicated the tiredness is a transient state, as opposed to a personality trait that may be one of a person's key characteristics.

The olive Bach Flower Remedy is unusual in that it is one of only 2 of the 38 remedies that is not grown in the UK for use to produce the Bach Flower Remedy bearing it's name.

Many books about Bach Flower Remedies suggest that most people can benefit from them at some times and/or during certain types of circumstances. The main question at any particular time is which of the remedies is appropriate for the specific person (or animal) at that time, remembering that the choice need not be of just one remedy. Although it is possible to use only one remedy at a time, a small group of remedies is often selected and used together.

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Further information about Bach Flower Remedies includes a list of the Bach Flower Remedies, a list of the Latin names of the Bach flowers and notes about the history of the Bach Flower Remedies.

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