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Ethnic variations in breast cancer rates

Recent research suggests that differences in lifestyle and reproductive factors (such as number of pregnancies and duration of breastfeeding) are key to why UK breast cancer rates are lower in Sout...

08 Jan '14 | Breast Cancer | UK

Belly fat could prevent cancer killing cells from doing their job

Recent research conducted in Ireland has revealed that carrying excess fat on the waistline could prevent cancer killing cells, a type of white blood cells called T-cells, from performing their fun...

05 Dec '13 | Cancer | Ireland

Assisted conception cancer risk ?

UK fertility organization welcomes recent US study indicating no increased risk of cancer to children born as a result of assisted reproduction treatment. This may reassure patients considering wh...

06 Nov '13 | Pregnancy | UK

Adult survivors of childhood cancer - depression risk

The majority of adult survivors of childhood cancer do not suffer long-term mental health effects according to a recent study. However, a proportion, of the order of 10-20 percent of survivors may ...

04 Sep '13 | Cancer News

Cervical cancer screening for all women in Uganda

Cervical cancer is a major cause of death from cancer among women in Uganda with over 2,400 women dying from the disease, and over 3,500 diagnosed with it, each year. Cervical cancer screening is t...

06 Aug '13 | Cervical Cancer | Uganda

Scent device to detect bladder cancer

Cancer researchers have developed and built a device called ODOREADER that contains a sensor that responds to chemicals in gas emitted from urine. This device correctly assigned 100% of cancer pati...

09 Jul '13 | Bladder Cancer | England

RNA aptamer new hope against Cervical Cancer

Medical researchers have synthesized a molecule, called an RNA aptamer, that latches onto an E7 protein, specifically the HPV16 E7 oncoprotein, that is produced early in the lifecycle of the human ...

30 May '13 | Cervical Cancer

Patients want advice about bowel cancer screening

Patients in the UK would appreciate a recommendation from the National Health Service (NHS) concerning whether or not to attend bowel cancer screening - together with information about the known ri...

05 Dec '12 | Bowel Cancer

Chemotherapy after surgery might improve cancer survival

Cancer News: Researchers have discovered a statistically significant survival benefit to chemotherapy use after surgery. However, the number of deaths from periampullary cancer remains high, even a...

11 Jul '12 | Cancer

Perjeta (pertuzumab) approved to treat HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer in USA

According to the FDA, Perjeta is intended for patients who have not received prior treatment for metastatic breast cancer with an anti-HER2 therapy or chemotherapy. Perjeta is combined with trastuz...

08 Jun '12 | Breast Cancer | USA

A persistent cough may be a sign of lung cancer

Do you know the possible symptoms of lung cancer ? Did you realise that a cough that does not go away might be a sign of lung cancer ? Did you know that a long-term painful cough might be a sign of...

01 May '12 | Lung Cancer | UK

Abnormal copies of chromosomes in the cells of ependymoma tumours

Recent medical research considering abnormal copies of chromosomes in the cells of ependymoma tumours may lead to a new diagnostic test to allow specialists to identify children at the highest risk...

29 Mar '12

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