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The news articles listed below include information from, about or mentioning Harvard, the leading research university located in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA). This is page 2 of 2.

Study identifies human genes required for hepatitis C viral replication

Researchers in the USA are investigating a new way to block reproduction of the hepatitis C virus (HCV)- targeting not the virus itself but the human genes the virus exploits in its life cycle.

18 Mar '09 | Hepatitis | USA

Harvard study leads to concerns about government warnings to limit consumption of fish

A comparison of the risks and benefits of fish consumption suggests that government advisories warning women of childbearing age about mercury exposure should be issued with caution. The study warn...

21 Oct '05 | Nutrition | USA

Scientists claim that nanowires can detect molecular signs of cancer

Researchers have found that molecular markers indicating the presence of cancer in the body are readily detected in blood scanned by special arrays of silicon nanowires. This even works when the ca...

02 Oct '05 | Cancer | USA

Link Suggested Between Regions on Two Chromosomes and Manic Depression

An international research team investigating a possible link between bipolar disorder and two chromosomal regions in the human genome has found strong genetic signals on chromosomes 6 and 8. The te...

16 Sep '05 | Depression | USA

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