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How plasminogen is converted into an enzyme that removes disease-causing clots

Australian researchers have revealed how the blood clot-busting enzyme plasmin is activated. They have have shown how the protein plasminogen is converted into plasmin, an enzyme that removes disea...

09 Mar '12

Results of study re. injectable contraceptive risks

Recent research has revealed information about some statistical links between use of injectable contraceptives and the development of certain types of female cancers. Results suggest that injectabl...

07 Mar '12

Overuse of the herbicide glyphosate

Overuse of the herbicide glyphosate (Roundup) has resulted in crops in the USA becoming infested with glyphosate-resistant weeds. Monster pigweed up to two metres tall was destroying yields in some...

01 Mar '12 | Environmemt | Australia

Black tea might significantly reduce blood pressure

Drinking a cup of black tea three times a day may significantly reduce your blood pressure according to recent research from the University of Western Australia (Australia). Their study revealed th...

24 Jan '12 | Blood Pressure | Australia

Saving the snow leopard with stem cells

Saving the snow leopard with stem cells has been receiving research attention at Monash University (Australia) where scientists have, for the first time, produced embryonic stem-like cells from the...

23 Jan '12 | Endangered Species | Australia

Long warm-ups tire sports players

Research from Australia indicates that major sporting clubs may be tiring their players by warming up for too long. They compared performance after various warm-up routines including one conducted ...

09 Jan '12 | Sports | Australia

Depression, diabetes and cardiac arrest

Recent research linking depression and the rising incidence of diabetes to an increased risk of heart attack and possible death has been published by an international research team. Dr Herbert Jeli...

04 Jan '12 | Depression | Australia

Sportsmen and alcohol-related violence

Recent research has found high rates of alcohol-related aggression and antisocial behaviour involving young Australian sportsmen as compared with their non-sporting peers. Rates of intoxicated assa...

21 Dec '11 | Alcohol | Australia

Breast Cancer in Men

Breast cancer in men is not unknown but awareness of male breast cancer is low and, according to researchers at Leeds University (England), most men do not even know they are at risk - despite an i...

03 Oct '11

Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS), a common auto-immune arthritis

How does an individual's genetic make-up predispose him or her to Ankylosing Spondylitis ? Unlike most forms of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis usually begins in young adulthood, and so can signi...

10 Jul '11 | Arthritis

Oxford Uni Study links economic insecurity with obesity

Oxford researchers compared 11 affluent countries and found that those with a liberal market regime (strong market incentives and relatively weak welfare states) experienced one-third more obesity ...

07 Jan '11

Use of Mitoxantrone for children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL)

Trial of leukaemia drug Mitoxantrone for children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), as recently (Dec 2010) reported in The Lancet. Study funded by Cancer Research UK and Leukaemia ...

04 Dec '10

Research reveals how dengue fever virus infects living cells

Dengue is transmitted by mosquitoes and infects up to 100 million people each year. People bitten by an infected mosquito first develop a fever, followed by other symptoms such as joint pain, rash ...

12 Oct '10 | Dengue Fever | USA

Women with osteoporosis suffer more if they have previously broken a bone,

A study of more than 60,000 women living in many different countries around the world has increased knowledge about the relationship between osteoporosis and fractures. Osteoporosis is more common ...

18 Aug '10 | Osteoporosis | International Study

BMA leader urges Government to stop “playing around

Health News from IvyRose Holistic Shop & Holistic Resources: BMA leader urges Government to stop “playing around" with the health service

29 Jun '09

Heavyweights of global food crisis debate gather for Foreign Policy School

Experts in global food supply are gathering to discuss food security and the possibility that the current economic crisis has tended to overshadow the burgeoning food crisis. A meeting is taking pl...

24 Jun '09 | Global Food Crisis | New Zealand

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